Large Facility. Waterfront Access. Ideal Location.

TOFCO’s 37 – acre, waterfront fabrication facility allows for strategic access to the Caribbean and northwest South America

TOFCO Juniper Build 2017

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Our waterfront site is located on the southwest coast of Trinidad where it has easy access to the Gulf of Paria, which allows TOFCO to support all of the oil and gas fields in the offshore industry in Trinidad and the surrounding Caribbean region, as well as easy transport of decks or other components for offshore assembly.

We employ a local workforce, trained by experienced and highly skilled industry professionals. We have integrated established processes, leading technologies for fabrication and other services, and scheduling management in order to maximize efficiencies, quality control and customer service.

State of the Art Fabrication Shop

› 100’ x 100’ x 60’ high with 140’ running trolley crane system
› 100’ x 50’ warehouse space
› Two 15T overhead trolley cranes

› Six 2T Jib Cranes
› NC cutting machine and table
› Pipe rollout machines

Ideal Facility for Large Components

› 21 acre (assembly and load-out)
› 16 acre (prefabrication)
› 600’ newly built bulk headed waterfront property
› 3,200 psf heavy lift pad capacity
› 2,000 psf maximum load out capacity
› Water depth at dock: 40’
› Unlimited navigational clearance
› 24-hour scheduling capabilities
› Precision pipe cutting technology cuts pipe
up to 48” diameter

› (3) 4100 Manitowoc crawlers
› (2) HC275 American Terex crawlers
› (1) HC230 American Terex crawlers
› (3) 35T Grove Rough terrain cranes
› (2) 20T Grove Rough terrain cranes
› (2) 18T Kalmar forklifts

Subsea Fabrication & Load Out Capabilities

Due to the size of Our facility it is ideal for fabrication, lay down and loadout of large components having direct waterfront access. We provide fabrication, testing and load out for subsea spools, modules and other related components.

› Fabrication and weld of subsea spools
› Tests
› All support fabrication
› Loadout & Tie Down

Brace Cutting Facility

TOFCO offers the latest technology in precision pipe cutting. Equipped with a Watson Welding Unit at our Vernon Brace Cutting Facility, we are able to cut from 3” to 48” diameter braces and have designed versatile equipment for plasma cutting (greater than 1” thickness). In addition, our dual-facility locations, one located directly on the waterfront of the Gulf of Paria, allows for easy transport of decks or any other components for offshore assembly.


Dockside Services, Materials and Logistics

› 24/7 support services
› Procurement of goods and services
› Dockside services, Port-to-storage materials handling

› Transportation services
› Brokerage, airfreights, ocean freight, plane or helicopter charter (local or international)

Client Accommodations

› Storage facility: open-air (16 acres), covered (6,400 square feet) and air condition (480 square feet)
› Office space (C/W phone, Internet, etc.)

› Video conferencing capabilities
› Assistance with transportation, rentals, material handling, work permits