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What sets TOFCO apart is our world-class performance but with Trinidad pride. We keep the work in country rather than send jobs elsewhere. We’ve proven we can deliver projects to the highest of standards.

TOFCO was built utilizing local content, as local content ensures maximum benefit for the country and adds economic value to the projects being undertaken. It is why TOFCO supports a partnership among government, local contractors and the Oil and Gas companies.

At TOFCO, we:

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About us

In the story of Trinidad and Tobago, the extraordinary capacity and innovation of our people have long played a significant role in the country’s global competitiveness and leadership, and the enterprising drivers of the energy industry are true testament for this recognition.

At the core of Trinidad and Tobago’s advancement in the energy sector is Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Unlimited (TOFCO), a world-class provider with over a decade of expertise in fabrication, construction and offshore services for the oil and gas industry. As the operation behind the landmark Juniper project, as well as nine other major offshore projects, TOFCO’s impact within the sector has been tremendous, and through the quality and standard of services delivered, its reach continues to expand.

The company’s commitment to innovation, which is in direct response to addressing the evolving needs of varied clients, has played a major role in its development. Arriving at creative solutions that respond to each client’s challenge has allowed TOFCO to accomplish its goal of sustainable growth, becoming a remarkable illustration of local achievement.

Established in 2004 as a joint venture of Chet Morrison Contractors, LLC, a Houma, LA-based company, and Weldfab Ltd. of Trinidad, TOFCO has become a highly valued supplier of comprehensive construction and maintenance services. The company is recognised for its outstanding safety standards and superior work, and is known as a one-stop solution for the highest quality fabrication and support needs for the oil and gas industry.

The company has progressed from a sole focus on the offshore business to work on refineries and petrochemical plants. Diversifying its operations has allowed TOFCO a greater agility, leading the company to explore prospects that will ensure even more sustainable growth.

With a strong view to capitalise on opportunities in international markets, TOFCO has attracted attention beyond our nation’s shores, from as far as South Africa and South America. The company has hosted government officials from countries such as Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Ghana and Nigeria, all of whom have expressed interest in adopting TOFCO’s business model.

TOFCO by the numbers

Number of Years in Business. TOFCO was formed through a partnership between Weldfab (T&T) and Chet Morrison Contractors (LA).
Major projects delivered for major operators. These projects have resulted in considerable in-country spend on projects that would ordinarily have been gone elsewhere.
Tonnage delivered since 2004
Man hours at the Facility
Number of lost-time incidents.
Flux core welders trained since inception
Employees at peak construction times
Promotions within the company
Local organizations impacted