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About Us

about-usTOFCO provides an unparalleled level of quality and response in any of our client services. With easy access to the Gulf of Paria and 24-hour scheduling capabilities from our own dock, we offer the advantage of a professional and fast response within any tight time frame.

In addition, with Chet Morrison Contractors and Weldfab Ltd as parent companies, the infrastructure is established for design and construction efficiencies, expert engineering knowledge, along with access to cutting-edge equipment. Our business network and shared technologies allow us to serve as a one-stop solution for any fabrication and support needs for the oil and gas industry.

TOFCO Model: “Be Your Brother’s Keeper.”

  • Provide incomparable value in service and products using cutting-edge technology
  • Create culture of leadership and support where safety of people is of foremost priority.
  • Empower local workforce and community through training, education, and career development.
  • Integrate efficiencies amongst engineering, project management and scheduling processes.
  • Cultivate a progressive management/employee relationship with emphasis on teamwork.

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